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Customized direction as we collaborate through the entire college process, guided by a six-step structure.

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Focused guidance to help you develop and refine your college list.

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One-Time Consultations & Meetings

One Hour Consultation

One Hour Consultation

I’ll answer as many of your questions as I can in an hour. I do not provide an agenda or do a document review ahead of time, but we can cover a lot of territory in an hour! This is appropriate for any age or grade level, and can be just for parents, or can include the student.

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Initial Consultation or Free-standing Two Hour Consultation

This can be a free-standing consultation or Step One of the Collaboration Package. For grades 9 and above. The consultation can take place either in person in Los Angeles, CA, or via Zoom. I will answer questions and guide you on the most important elements of preparation for college applications. This includes a review of the transcript, extracurricular and summer activities, and test scores. Additional topics can include choosing high school courses, planning extracurricular and summer activities, preparing for and scheduling standardized tests, and writing summer program or college applications. This meeting does not include a customized list of colleges or a review of college applications or essays.

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Half-Day Express Workshop

A fast-moving up to 3 ½ hour work session to accomplish as much as possible of any remaining tasks in the college preparation and application process in a single meeting. A free-standing, working meeting, appropriate for grades 11 or 12, or for transfer students. The student and at least one parent or caretaker must attend. Attend either in-person in Los Angeles, CA, or via Zoom.

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Grade Level Meeting (For existing clients only)

FOR EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY. This is a free-standing, 90-minute working meeting appropriate for grades 8 and above. This meeting includes the student and at least one parent or caretaker. It can take place either in person in Los Angeles, CA, or via Zoom. While there is no obligation to continue beyond this meeting, I recommend this option if you are considering further work with me.

For 11th graders, this can be the first meeting in my 6-step Collaboration Package if we have already had the initial 2-hour consultation.

For all grade levels, it includes a review of academic records, planning remaining high school courses, working together on extracurricular and summer activities, and consideration and planning of standardized testing, if appropriate. We will also discuss learning style and any special circumstances, including learning or emotional challenges, or any specialized college focus, such as arts, athletics, engineering, computer science, nursing, etc.

You will leave this meeting with greater clarity on college priorities and the next steps towards finding the best, customized college fit and how to become the strongest possible college applicant.

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