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Stephanie in a professional environment.

Stephanie Meade, CEP

I have worked with students and families in the college planning process for over thirty years, and I am principal and founder of the Collegiate Edge. I have always been guided by not only my deep affection for teens, but also the opportunity to help each one explore and express their most authentic selves in order to help them find the next step in their lives that uniquely supports and fits them.

More About MeDear Student

I hope you know that working with you quite literally changed my life. Never in my life has someone invested so much into knowing who I am and that helped me, more than anything else, choose the right path for my future.

– Student

Dear Student,

I believe you have gifts, strengths, talents and abilities whose unique, authentic expression will enable you to do at least one thing better than anyone else, and to be your best and truest self.

I believe you will make the world a better place and make your greatest contribution to society by discovering these parts of yourself and setting off in the direction of expressing them.

I believe my job is to make the world a better place by empowering you to do this, by guiding your journey of self-discovery to your true self, leading to your authentic, right-fit college, the environment that ideally supports your intellectual, personal, and emotional growth, and connects you to the right mentors, resources, and opportunities.

I understand that you may feel daunted by the entire prospect of college, may be worried that the whole thing will be stressful and overwhelming, and have no idea where to start.

I understand that you probably have no idea how to do this and may not even be sure you are capable of it. This is why I will guide you to explore who you are, get to know and appreciate yourself more, and grow into the best possible you – the you who can do this.

I understand that you do not know which programs, resources, and cultures can be found at each of the almost 3000 four-year colleges in the US, how to learn which campuses are right for you, or how to present yourself to them both positively and authentically.

I promise to lead you through a carefully-planned college process, customized and adapted along the way just for you, so that you will calmly do a little work each week until, one day, everything is complete.

I promise to help you grow, stretch, open your mind to possibilities you never imagined, take appropriate risks, and expect more for yourself.

I promise to fight for you to stay on track, and to dig a little deeper, even when you are too tired to do so yourself.

I promise to guide you to begin to use your true self (rather than the opinions of your friends, parents and teachers) to make decisions about everything relating to college.

And I promise to help you develop your authentic voice in your writing and encourage you to use it to show each college your gifts, experiences, interests and curiosity, so they will recognize you and welcome you as a member of their community.

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