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Everything you ever wanted to know about navigating the college planning journey but didn’t know who to ask! Audiences leave Stephanie’s talks calmer, more confident, and with a clear direction on how to move forward.

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Receive comprehensive, expert support and guidance for your entire college planning, search, and application process.

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Customized direction as we collaborate through the entire college process, guided by a six-step structure.

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A focused engagement to help you either develop and refine your college list or to receive feedback on a complete college application.

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About Stephanie

Stephanie Meade has been working with teenagers and their families and the college process for over 20 years. She is a Certified Educational Planner, one of only 35 in California, a designation granted only to professionals who have achieved the highest level of competence in the field of educational consulting.

She has long enjoyed presenting with and for her peers at national and regional conferences on a broad range of topics. She was a sought-after resource when the “Varsity Blues” scandal broke, and was quoted in the Wall Street Journal and The Hollywood Reporter, and was a panelist on Fox Nation’s “Deep Dive”. As part of the faculty of the Independent Educational Consultants Association’s (IECA) Summer Training Institute for new educational consultants, she presented on several topics, including working with parents, and facilitated conversations on professional ethics. She was a favorite guest instructor for a Parent Education class for three consecutive years, where she most enjoyed facilitating a Q & A, responding to any college-related concern a parent might raise.

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In this consultation, I answer as many of your questions as I can within the hour. I do not provide an agenda or do a document review ahead of time, but we can cover a lot of territory in an hour! This is appropriate for any age or grade level, and can be just for parents, or can include the student.

This is a free-standing, 2-hour consultation, appropriate for grades 9 and above, and takes place via Zoom. I will answer any questions you have but also guide you and your student through the most important, grade- and age-level-appropriate elements of preparation for college applications. This includes a review of the transcript, extracurricular and summer activities, and any test scores. I will offer guidance on as much as we have time to cover. Topics can include choosing high school courses, planning extracurricular and summer activities, preparing for and scheduling standardized tests, and writing summer program or college applications. It is usually not possible for me to develop a complete, customized list of colleges, or to review college applications or essays during this meeting. (For these services, see my Half-Day Express Workshop and Core and Collaboration Packages.) You will leave this meeting with a clear understanding of college priorities and next steps for becoming the strongest possible college applicant. 

Buckle up and eat your Wheaties! This is a fun, fast-moving work session, in which we will accomplish as much as possible of any remaining tasks in the college preparation and application process in a single meeting. It may last as long as 3 ½ hours. 

This is a free-standing, working meeting, appropriate for grades 11 or 12, or for transfer students, includes the student and at least one parent or caretaker, and can take place in-person in Los Angeles, CA, or via Zoom.

This workshop will include:

  • Gathering any information necessary for me to offer sound suggestions and guidance
  • Transcript and curriculum review and/or planning for any remaining high school classes
  • Review of any prior, and planning preparation for any future standardized tests 
  • Review and/or brainstorming of extracurricular and summer activities 
  • Exploration of student’s interests, college goals, priorities, and parameters for the college list (including financial)

Depending on the timing of the meeting and your needs I can also provide:

  • Feedback on an existing college list, and/or develop the college list as much as possible with additional suggestions and ideas
  • Support for deciding whether or where to apply via Early Decision, Early Action, Early Decision 2, Regular Decision or Rolling Decision application rounds. 
  • Feedback, brainstorming, or advice on any part of the college applications, including essays, resumes and activity lists, and tips for completing the forms
  • Guidance on submitting test scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other materials
  • General guidance on completing financial aid applications and how/where to find scholarships 
  • Advice and preparation for interviews and campus visits
  • Suggestions for ongoing communication with colleges throughout the application process
  • Liberal Arts Colleges: Skills for the Modern Workplace
  • What Employers Want from College Graduates and How to Find it in College
  • Current Trends in College Admission
  • Don’t be “That Parent”: How to Support Your Teen in the College Process
  • College is More Affordable Than You Think
  • How Can I go to College When I Don’t Know What to Major in?
  • Why “Following Your Passion” For College is Not Helpful, and What to Do Instead
  • Obsessed with College Rankings? A Different Way to Look at College Choices
  • What 9th & 10th Graders Can Do Now to Prepare to Apply to College
  • The College Process: Steps, goals, and timeline for 11th & 12th graders
  • How to Be Exactly Who Colleges Want You to Be
  • College Application Essays: What matters and how to write them
  • How to Research and Visit College Campuses Effectively
  • What to Consider (And Ignore) In the College Search: It’s not what you think!
  • So, You Want to be a Filmmaker. Is film school right for you?
  • The Intake: How to start your work with families on the right foot
  • Working with Parents: Modern parents, and how to support them during the college process
  • The Process: Curriculum and timeline for taking families through the college process
  • Professional Ethics in a post “Varsity Blues” world, interactive discussion with case studies, Q & A
  • Current Trends in College Admission, presentation or facilitated discussion
  • Right Test, Right Time: Help students choose standardized tests, when to take them, and how to prepare
  • Facilitated discussion on best practices for your consulting practice
  • Overview of the California College Landscape
  • College Knowledge Q&A for Parenting Ed at La Cañada Parent Education Program (3 years)
  • Response to “Varsity Blues” Scandal, Panelist on Fox Nation’s “Deep Dive”
  • How a Certified Educational Planner Can Give Your Student a Collegiate Edge, Podcast Interview with David Trotter of Inspiration Rising
  • So You Want to Go to Film School? IECA National Conference, Los Angeles, Co-Presenter with Jeff Levy
  • Liberal Arts Colleges: What are they and can I get a job if I attend one? Fusion Academy College Night, Los Angeles
  • Panelist, IECA Regional Symposium, Los Angeles
  • Right Test, Right Time, IECA National Conference in San Francisco, HECA National Conference in Minnesota, WACAC Annual Conference in San Diego
  • Overview of the California College Landscape, IECA National Conference
  • “The Intake” faculty member of IECA Summer Training Institute for new educational consultants
  • “Working with Parents” faculty member of IECA Summer Training Institute for new educational consultants
  • Facilitator for Ethics Roundtable as faculty member of IECA Summer Training Institute for new educational consultants
  • Facilitator for numerous Round Table topics for fellow educational consultants at national IECA conferences

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