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How I Help

I will start you off on the right foot on your college journey with one of two options. Option 1: We’ll spend an hour together in a paid consultation to answer any questions you have right now. Option 2: We’ll embark on a comprehensive, expertly guided, unique journey of exploration to your right-fit college. Which option is right for you?

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One-Hour Ask Me Anything Consultation

This a paid, one-hour consultation. If you need answers about your student’s specific situation, this one-off consultation session is ideal for you. If you are looking for more comprehensive guidance, scroll down to learn about my ongoing, custom college guidance option and how to get started.

Examples of Topics We Discuss

  • High school choice or change: Impact on college plans
  • Curriculum decisions (choosing high school courses)
  • Pep talk/motivation for students: What colleges care about
  • Extracurricular or summer activity brainstorming
  • Standardized Tests: Choosing, scheduling, preparing
  • Learning differences: Impact on the college process
  • Essays and applications in progress: Quick feedback and guidance
  • Admissions interview preparation
  • Choosing which college to attend

Ongoing Custom College Guidance

If you’re looking for comprehensive, expert support and guidance for the entire college planning, search, and application process, this is for you. See what’s included:

Looking Ahead & Preparation (Grades 8, 9, & 10)

  • Planning high school curriculum and encouraging appropriate extracurricular and summer activities.
  • Assistance in selecting and applying to summer programs, and making other summer plans.
  • Standardized test planning (SAT, ACT, others): Which to take, when to take them, how to prepare.

Assessment & Student Self-Assessment

  • Assessment of learning style, including reading and summarizing neuropsychological testing results, and recommending testing if necessary.
  • Guiding student through a self-assessment process, leading to greater self-awareness, and to clarifying priorities, interests and goals for college and beyond.
  • Collaboration with other professionals on the student’s behalf, including high school counselors, test prep providers, and learning specialists.

Building the College List

  • Guiding student through a thoughtful college research process, resulting in a highly personalized college list.
  • Advice on planning and getting the most out of college campus visits.
  • Incorporating advice and guidance from the high school counselor.

Preparing & Submitting Applications

  • Planning, organizing and supervising the entire college application process, including help with managing deadlines (No parent nagging needed!).
  • Considering application options such as Early Decision, Early Action, Rolling Admissions and others.
  • Complete guidance through the entire essay writing process from brainstorming to polished pieces.
  • Resume preparation support.
  • Thorough review of each application before the student clicks “submit”.

Follow Through on the Application Process

  • Maintaining appropriate communication with college admission offices throughout the process.
  • Guidance on submitting test scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation and other materials.
  • Interview preparation, including, tips, rehearsals and follow up.
  • Recommendation letters: Who to ask, how to ask, and how to get great ones.
  • Specific processes for artists, athletes, and for students with special circumstances and needs.
  • Discussing final enrollment decision, including strategies for wait lists and appeals.

Paying for College

  • Advice and guidance on Financial Aid and Scholarships.
  • Interpreting and comparing financial aid and scholarship offers.
Learn How it Works

The Custom College Guidance Process


Fill out a short form. Start here!

I will send you a link to choose a call time that works for you.

Complimentary 45-minute phone conversation to discuss your needs and expectations, and answer your questions about how I work.

Schedule an Initial Consultation for the student and at least one parent.

Initial Consultation: A no-strings-attached, free-standing, in-depth, work session covering high school curriculum, learning style, extracurricular activities, standardized testing, summer plans, and any special circumstances, and the opportunity for us to get to know each other and determine if we are a good match.

Ongoing work together, with content and frequency of meetings determined by your needs and the student’s grade level, proceeding until the student makes the final college decision, and even beyond if you like.

I love getting updates from students as they progress through college and beyond, so I will always be happy to hear from you!

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