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This 6-step package will provide you with all the high-level guidance you need to apply to college, and is an ideal complement to the college advising offered by your high school.

Meetings occur at each key milestone in the process, and include teaching students how to complete the next steps. 

For students not yet in 11th grade, this package is preceded by annual, grade-level meetings to keep students on track to present their best selves to colleges when the time comes.

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This 6-Step Package Includes:

1. Interview & Consultation

  • Two-hour meeting with the student and parent(s)
  • In-person in Sherman Oaks if possible, otherwise online via Zoom
  • Can be as early as the summer before junior year
  • Review academic records and plan remaining high school courses
  • Work together on extracurricular and summer activities
  • Review test scores, plan additional testing
  • Discuss student’s dreams, plans, and goals
  • Learn about any special circumstances, including learning or emotional challenges, athletics or arts focus
  • Define family college search parameters, including geography and finances
  • Discuss how college options are influenced by educational interests, career goals, academic performance, accomplishments, and abilities

2. College Clarity

  • After the initial meeting, once you have confirmed your interest in completing the Collaboration Package
  • 1 to 1.5-hour meeting, can be online or in-person
  • I guide the student through an exercise to identify more detailed elements of the college wish list

3. College List

  • I develop a customized list of appropriate colleges for the student to research
  • This draws on decades of experience, hundreds of in-person campus visits, and uncounted hours of networking with college admissions professionals, and goes far beyond what rankings, college guidebooks, and online search tools can offer.
  • Individualized to the student, identifies great fit campuses for the student

4. College List & Research Meeting

  • In-person or online
  • Share college list ideas with family, explain why each college is suggested, and offer admissions and scholarship estimates
  • Set up student on robust college research and application management software. (Students will need to bring a laptop if this meeting takes place in person.)
  • Offer best practices for college research, including video tutorials, template for taking notes, and links to resources

5. College List Refinement & Application Process Overview

  • Meeting with student and parent to refine college list, in person or online
  • Overview of approaching application process, guidance on how to approach essays, including video tutorials

6. Application Review

  • Meeting, in person or online
  • I will review one completed application of the student’s choice, such as one Common Application including college-specific essays, the U of California application, the Georgetown application, or the MIT application. 
  • Meeting with student and parent(s) to offer detailed feedback on all elements of the application (Student will need to bring a laptop if this meeting takes place in person.)

Included In This Package

  • Regular check-in email and text updates from the student
  • Responses to quick questions

Additional Support On An Hourly Basis

  • Guidance on more complex issues, or tasks that require additional research or detailed responses
  • Assistance with any aspect of the process not included in the 6-step package
  • With parent approval of the charges, and pending schedule availability

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