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Collegiate Edge Services | The Core Package

This unique package offers high-level, express college guidance to juniors, seniors, and transfer students. You will work one-on-one with Stephanie Meade.

It includes two meetings:

  1. a 2-3 hour intake to discuss relevant information
  2. a 1.5-hour second meeting to review the college list suggestions
See What's Included

This Package Includes:

Interview & Consultation

  • Review academic records and plan any remaining curriculum
  • Review and plan extracurricular and summer activities
  • Review test scores, plan any additional standardized testing
  • Discuss student’s dreams, plans, and goals
  • Learn about any special circumstances, including learning or emotional challenges, athletics or arts focus
  • Define family college search parameters, including geography and finances
  • Discuss how college options are influenced by educational interests, career goals, academic performance, accomplishments, and abilities

You Will Receive:

  • List of at least 12 colleges for the student to consider; short descriptions of why each is a fit plus admissions probability and scholarship estimates.
  • A series of video tutorials with tips and resources on how to thoughtfully and thoroughly research colleges.

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